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What steps should I take to recover from a car accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Do you ever look back at an intense or stressful situation and think, “I should’ve done this” or “If only I said that?” It’s normal to reflect on both the good and bad events in life. Reflection prevents individuals from making the same mistakes in the future. But as a car accident victim, you probably don’t want to relive the traumatic event and constantly think of what you could have done differently.

Car accident recovery is worth doing right the first time. To do so, it’s essential to collect evidence of the crash and enlist the help you need both at the scene and after you leave.

At the scene

According to state law, you’ll need to call the police when either party faces injuries or a substantial amount of vehicle or property damage occurs. The police report compiled at the scene will likely include statements from each driver, witness accounts and details about any evident property damage and physical injuries. And, in turn, insurance adjusters, attorneys or judges involved in the settlement process can reference it as they work on your case.

In addition to obtaining a police report, you can create your own report. Ask the other driver how you can contact them and reach their insurance company in the future. And use your phone’s camera to record videos or photos of the crash site.

After the crash

Going to see a doctor after facing the impact of a crash is also a crucial recovery step. Treating visible injuries with urgency may accelerate your path to healing. And a medical professional can help you detect delayed injuries, like whiplash, that you might not know about. In a similar way that a police report can serve as a proof of the event, medical records and bills can show the exact amount of reimbursement you’ll need to heal from injuries.

After giving a police officer your statement and consulting a medical professional, it can be useful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to reach a settlement that is fair.