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Running a red light can cause a serious accident

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When drivers are rushing from one place to the next and run a red light, they can cause serious accidents. In New York, the Department of Transportation has red light cameras placed throughout the city.


Once the traffic light turns red, a camera is automatically activated by sensors that pick up the vehicle crossing over the crosswalk line. The owner of the vehicle will receive a notice if there is a violation and is responsible for the ticket, even if the owner wasn’t the person driving at the time of the incident.

The notice includes information about the date and time of the violation, the camera location and the time when the light turned red. It will also include photos of the car entering the crosswalk, passing under the traffic signal and through the intersection as well as the vehicle’s license plate.

Drivers can receive a fine for running a red light and may face additional penalties. However, the impact is much greater for a person who is hit by a driver accelerating through a red light.


A person who is hit can suffer significant harm, including neck and shoulder injuries, fractures and broken bones, whiplash, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries.

They can incur expensive medical bills to treat their injuries, may lose time from work in order to heal or may have to quit their job entirely.

This has financial impact not just to the person who is injured, but also to their family who may rely on him or her for support.

An experienced attorney can help car accident victims pursue compensation for their injuries.