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Slip and falls at airports

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Personal Injury

Now that air traveling is on the upswing, airports will again become among the busiest, crowded, and active public places. Because of this atmosphere, slip and falls are among the most common  accidents in airports each day. There are certain things you should know if you seek compensation for these slip and fall injuries.


The chance of injury increases with the size of the structure. Airports are typically the largest buildings in a city with many tenants, employees, and visitors trying to make travel connections.

Inadequate upkeep and maintenance are more likely. These contribute to insufficient lighting, broken flooring, areas that are slippery, loose carpeting and tripping hazards that are the major causes of slips and falls at airports.


Airport management is liable for an accident if it took place within the airport premises and not just within the airport building. To prevail in these premises liability cases, the injured victim must prove that the airport officials or management were responsible for hazardous conditions leading to the accident. Also, the victim has to prove that these parties were aware of dangerous conditions and did not take adequate measures to eliminate those conditions.

Like other premises liability actions, the premises owner has a duty of care. Airport owners, usually government bodies, owe a duty of care to people who use or work at the airport to maintain it in a safe condition. Creation of dangerous conditions and the failure to correct or provide warning about those conditions violates this duty of care.

Joint liability

A person who is partly responsible for their slip and fall accident may be able to seek compensation for their injuries. In these cases, the amount of compensation is usually reduced according to the victim’s percentage of fault.

Victims of these slip and fall accidents can suffer physical, mental, and financial damages. An attorney can assist them with obtaining evidence and pursuing their right to compensation.