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Recent hit-and-run accidents leave two dead

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Two people died in recent hit-and-run accidents in New York City recently.

The first accident involved a commercial vehicle. According to police, the driver of the vehicle crushed someone as he pulled his box truck out of a parking space. Police indicated that the victim was homeless and had been lying behind the vehicle. The driver of the box truck left the scene of the accident.

Police are continuing to investigate in the hope of locating this driver.

The second accident also involved a man in his 50s. He was walking on a city street near JFK Airport in the early morning hours. A motorist hit the man and then left the scene of the accident.

As with the other case, police are trying to locate video footage that could help them identify the driver which hit this man.

Hit-and-run accidents can be complicated to resolve

Hopefully, the authorities will locate the drivers involved in these accidents. Unfortunately, though, too many hit-and-run incidents go unsolved.

In other cases, police may locate a hit-and-run driver only to find out that he or she has no or very little insurance and no other means to pay compensation to injured victims.

Families in this sort of situation should not give up hope. There may be other options for recovery available. For example, in the case of a commercial driver, any number of businesses could be liable for the driver’s actions depending on the circumstances.

Victims may also be able to pursue a claim for compensation through their own insurance companies. New York has a relatively generous no-fault system through which victims can get compensation even without having to prove negligence. Uninsured motorists benefits may also be available.

Families who have lost a loved one or who are helping a loved one recover from a hit-and-run should be aware of all their legal options for pursuing compensation.