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Reduce danger and legal trouble after a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The time after a motorcycle accident may be dangerous and frightening, especially if there are injuries. Taking these steps can help reduce dangers and prevent further injuries and legal problems.

Get to safety

In motorcycle accidents, one of the most important steps is to get to safety immediately. Staying near your motorcycle places you at risk of being struck by a car because other motorists often fixate on an object, like a motorcycle, and crash into it.

Moving your motorcycle may cause additional injuries. This also compromises evidence which may be needed in a civil lawsuit or police investigation.

Keep your gear on. Removing gear, such as your helmet, can cause or aggravate head, neck, and spine damage. Removing gloves and boots can also cause additional injury. Stay still and in a safe area until help arrives.

Call for help

Call or ask someone to call for emergency services if there are any injuries. Motorcyclists can also download several apps or use devices that can automatically notify emergency contacts or emergency services. These can share trip records, GPS location and medical information. Many cyclists also carry emergency contact information cards with medical and personal information.

Remain calm

If you are in an accident you can go into emotional shock where your adrenaline spikes and then drops. Trembling, confusion, agitation, or emotional distress are among the symptoms.

There is also a risk of physical shock which accompanies injuries. Its symptoms include rapid breathing and pulse, pale and clammy skin, nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, and mental state changes.

Try to remain calm until emergency services come. If safe, assume a recovery position or elevate your legs. Assess your mental and physical condition so that you can convey it to first responders.


Gather evidence for your legal or insurance claim. With your smartphone, you or someone else should take video and photographs of the crash scene. Include your motorcycle, the other vehicles in the crash, roadway features, skid marks, gravel, traffic signs, weather, and the position of the vehicles in the accident.

Obtain vehicle registration information, insurance ID card information and contact information from other drivers in the accident. Do not admit fault, apologize, or argue.


Police may ask for a statement at the accident scene or later. Be honest but never admit fault. You may wish to speak to an attorney first. Be sure to obtain an accident report from the police.

A lawyer may assist you with dealing with the police, insurance companies or in other legal matters. Attorneys may also help assure that you can pursue compensation for any injuries suffered in accidents caused by a negligent motorist.