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Your Financial Future Is On The Line

Many spouses bring assets with them into marriage and long-term marriages often include marital assets that are not as straightforward as a simple house and some savings. For divorcing couples with complex individual and marital property, DiLorenzo & Rush offers experienced divorce representation that gets to the heart of protecting our clients’ financial futures.

Contact us if your marital property settlement will include significant assets and complex holdings, including (but not limited to):

  • Business partnership and shares
  • Vacation property, second homes and commercial real estate holdings
  • Deferred compensation and bonuses
  • Pension annuities and qualified retirement accounts
  • Securities investments, stocks and bonds
  • Trust accounts and inheritance holdings
  • Off-shore tax shelters and foreign investments

More Than 60 Combined Years Of Protecting Our Clients’ Rights And Interests

DiLorenzo & Rush has the experience, knowledge and access to professional resources to ensure your financial interests are protected in your marital property settlement. We represent clients in high-asset divorce litigation in courts throughout New Jersey and the southern New York.

Call our offices in Hackensack at 201-212-4027 or in the Bronx at 718-537-9885 or contact us by email with a brief explanation of your circumstances. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today.