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Spousal Support Claims In Bergen County

Spousal support (alimony) is one of the most contentious issues in divorce. Aside from a child custody or visitation dispute, there are few issues in a divorce that may cause more acrimony than a contested alimony claim.

Whether you are seeking or opposing an award of spousal support or opposing an award of spousal support, you will need an experienced divorce lawyer that is ready for a battle. The experienced trial lawyers at DiLorenzo & Rush can provide the experienced and vigorous representation you require.

Experienced And Aggressive

Based in the Bronx and Hackensack, New Jersey, our law firm has developed a reputation for the delivery of high-quality legal representation. Our partners, Christopher M. DiLorenzo and Kenneth R. Rush, have more than 40 years of combined legal experience. We put our knowledge of the law and experience to work for each client we serve and aggressively pursue optimal results in each case we handle.

Protecting Your Rights

The law concerning spousal support in New York and New Jersey is not a simple black-and-white matter. There is no clear bright line test to determine whether support is required, the amount of support and the duration of support.

Practically speaking, court has tremendous discretion to determine if alimony will be awarded, as well as the amount and the duration of the award. They may award alimony on a temporary basis or a permanent basis. Although state law provides guidelines (income, education, etc.) that judges must consider, the final decision of any judge is ultimately determined by the evidence at hand and the ability of an attorney to properly place that evidence in a context favorable to their client.

Our attorneys have helped many clients obtain or oppose an award of alimony. To give our clients the best opportunity for success, we conduct a thorough discovery process, attempt to negotiate a fair resolution that protects our client’s interests, and advocate aggressively at trial when a negotiated agreement is not possible.

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