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Have you suffered a serious injury because of the negligence of a property owner? Did you slip on a wet floor in a store, trip on frayed carpeting going down the stairs, of slip in an icy entry? The personal injury attorneys at DiLorenzo & Rush can help.

Since 1997 our law firm has been dedicated to obtaining financial compensation and justice for clients who’ve suffered serious injuries in northern New Jersey and southern New York. You can count on DiLorenzo & Rush for experienced legal guidance, aggressive representation, and top-notch personal service to help you get the compensation you deserve after a serious injury.

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Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries On An Unsafe Property?

Individuals are responsible for taking reasonable care as they go about their daily lives. Missteps happen and no one is at fault. However, there are times when a property owner’s negligence is the direct cause of, or contributing factor to a fall. In such cases, holding the property owner accountable is essential.

  • Were store aisles cluttered with boxes of merchandise, creating a tripping hazard?
  • Did the bottom shelf of end aisle display jut into the walkway, causing you to trip and fall?
  • Did a leaky grocery store freezer cause water to pool on the floor, leading to a slip and fall accident?
  • Did property management fail to put down mats or mop when floors became slippery from ice and snow?
  • Did unsecured carpeting or frayed carpeting cause you to fall up or down the stairs?

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can have extremely serious consequences, including hip fractures (especially among the elderly), and broken wrists and arms. A slip-and-fall accident can easily result in a wrenching back injury, resulting in nerve and vertebrae damage that can cause lasting pain.

Your next step after a serious fall with injuries should be to talk with a lawyer in Hackensack or the Bronx.

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Our experienced personal injury attorneys and competent staff are here to help you get through these difficult times, with caring and compassionate legal guidance and an aggressive, strategic approach to getting you the compensation you deserve. You can count on the legal professionals at DiLorenzo & Rush.

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