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Theft Offenses In New York And New Jersey

A theft conviction can cost you your job and severely limit your future employment opportunities. If you have a professional license, it could result in a license suspension or revocation.

If you have been arrested for theft, shoplifting or any other theft-related offense, protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney. To speak with an attorney about a theft charge in New York or New Jersey, contact DiLorenzo & Rush. We have offices in Hackensack and the Bronx, and we defend clients across the area. Call 718-537-9885 or 201-212-4027.

Our attorneys handle all theft and fraud-related offenses, including:

  • Theft/shoplifting/retail theft
  • Employee theft/embezzlement
  • Carjacking/motor vehicle theft/grand larceny
  • Grand theft auto/auto theft
  • Fraud/white collar crimes
  • Bad checks
  • Identity theft

We can help if you have been arrested on misdemeanor petty theft charges or felony theft charges. To speak with a criminal defense lawyer at our firm, contact our law offices in the Bronx or Hackensack, New Jersey.

Former Prosecutor And Public Defender On Your Side

As with other criminal charges, most theft charges are resolved ultimately by some form of plea agreement. Therefore, it is essential to have an attorney who is a skilled negotiator.

Our criminal defense team consists of experienced lawyers that are skilled at trial and in plea negotiations. Attorney Christopher M. DiLorenzo, a partner at our firm, is a former public defender and prosecutor. As a result of his broad-based experience in criminal cases, Christopher M. DiLorenzo knows what works and what does not. Using his vast experience, Mr. DiLorenzo has helped many clients obtain favorable results at trial and through successfully negotiated plea agreements.

Depending on the nature of your charges and the evidence in the state’s possession, we may be able to obtain a plea agreement that avoids a criminal conviction or that results in a plea to a lesser offense. If we are not able to obtain a favorable plea agreement, our attorneys have handled over a hundred jury trials and have the experience to aggressively defend your rights at trial.

Contact A Bergen County Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

To speak with an attorney at our firm about a theft offense, call 718-537-9885(New Jersey) or 201-212-4027 (Bronx), or contact us by email.