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Rural roads are an underestimated threat to drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Firm News

Drivers in New Jersey may be so used to traveling on city streets that when they go on rural roads, they may put themselves and others at risk. Many people assume that rural roads are safe because they contain less traffic, but this is not the case.

Rural roads have narrow lanes and shoulders, for example, which can seriously raise the risk for head-on collisions if drivers are not careful about maintaining their lane. On the other hand, drivers may run off the road in the attempt to stay far from oncoming traffic. Second, a driver may have trouble driving at night because of the lack of street lights in the countryside. Third, animals may appear on the road and cause some drivers to lose control.

Rural areas are mainly dangerous, though, because of reckless drivers. There are fewer police officers in these areas to enforce traffic laws, so many drivers feel free to speed, go down both lanes of a two-lane road and even drive while intoxicated. Others may not use their seat belts.

More than half of all fatal roadway crashes in the U.S. occur on rural roads. Rather than become lax, drivers should exercise greater caution on these roads and, above all, practice defensive driving techniques. They should never presume upon the good intentions of other drivers.

Most car accidents involve some sort of negligence, but the concept of negligence does not play such a major role here with New Jersey being a no-fault state. Those who have been severely injured may file a third-party insurance claim, which will likely require them to prove the defendant’s negligence. It can be a complicated procedure and may benefit from some legal advice and guidance. Victims may start by having a lawyer evaluate their case under the state’s comparative negligence law.