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Series of dog attacks injures 12 in New Jersey neighborhood

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

Being a dog owner is common in New Jersey and elsewhere. In fact, many households will have more than one dog, making them members of the family. But owning a dog is more than just adding a member to the family. Caring for a dog is a lot of work; however, ensuring the dog is healthy and cared for is not the only responsibility of a dog owner.

It is their duty to ensure that visitors and strangers encountering their dog are safe from harm. This means keeping the dog under their control, whether it is in their home, yard or on a leash. Additionally, it could mean taking action if a dog does bite someone or attacks a person or another animal. Failing to do so could indicate negligence in the event of a dog bite or an attack.

Series of dog attacks

According to recent reports, a series of dog attacks have taken place in a New Jersey neighborhood in Little Egg Harbor. Reports indicated that at least 12 people suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite over the past several months. Furthermore, these attacks occurred from three dogs, all owned by the same individual.

As a result, animal control officers took all three dogs into custody. Based on the accounts of residents in the area, there were at least six incidents involving these dogs. The most recent one occurred when a resident in the neighborhood was outside vacuuming his van. He stated that they suddenly came around the van. He attempted to fend them off; however, one lunged at him and bit his upper leg.

Negligent dog owner faces charges

It was discovered that the dogs have been escaping from a fenced in yard; however, these escapes have become frequent in the past four months. The 26-year-old male owner of the three dogs currently faces multiple charges from animal control. The details of these charges were not reported; however, it was indicated that the dogs would not be returned to the owner. It is unclear if the dogs will be euthanized, but their aggressive nature and series of serious attacks are being assessed.

When an individual suffers harm because of a dog bite or attack, it is important that they understand their rights and options. A personal injury action could help a victim hold a negligent dog owner accountable for the damages they suffered, while also assisting them with the recovery of compensation to address losses related to the physical, emotional, mental and financial harms suffered.