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Major accident shuts down New Jersey turnpike

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Authorities had to shut down one direction of the New Jersey Turnpike for several hours after an afternoon accident left one person with serious injuries.

The accident happened during the first part of the afternoon commute. New Jersey State Police, who investigated the accident, had to keep the highway closed for several hours.

The victim who suffered serious injuries had to be taken by helicopter from the scene of the crash. It was not clear on what the victim’s condition was, and it was also not clear whether any other of the people involved suffered injuries.

There were a total of six vehicles involved in the accident. Authorities will no doubt continue to investigate the cause of the collision.

Multi-vehicle accidents can present complex legal issues

In this case, it sounds like at least one of the victims will have considerable medical bills and may also be missing work in order to recover from injuries.

Under New Jersey law, the victim may be able to get compensation from the driver or drivers responsible for this accident. It is also true that New Jersey has strong no-fault laws that may also offer relief.

The problem, though, is that it can take a lot to sort out exactly who is responsible for a multi-vehicle accident, particularly when it happens on the freeway.

In some cases, fault may be clear, but in other cases, a chain reaction can start simply because two vehicles move toward the same spot at the same time.

A victim of a multi-vehicle accident will want to be sure that a thorough investigation gets conducted into the reason for the wreck.

Sometimes, after all, police reports can be hurried, as officers primarily are interested in whether any laws were broken.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure a proper investigation gets conducted.