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Help! What do I do? The police are at my door

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Criminal Defense

If you hear the cops pounding at your door, it may be the start of an awfully dreadful day. But, there are ways you can make sure it does not get worse. And, remember, just because they are banging on your door, does not mean they are there for you or even there for nefarious reasons. Context is key to a criminal defense and police interactions.


If the police are banging on your door, it may be a raid. In which case, the point is surprise. This means the police purposely show up without warning. They want you unprepared because they do not want you to have any time to flee, discard evidence, etc. The goal is chaos.

If this is a no-knock warrant, you will not even hear a knock, only the initial crash through your door and yells of police (if the police are following procedure to identify themselves). As we have seen with the Breonna Taylor killing, though, police do not always follow procedures.


If the police have not busted down your front door, this is a good sign because it means they may not be there to raid your home. Not necessarily. It just may means they do not have a no-knock warrant. Ask to see the warrant. Even if the police are already in your home, ask for the warrant. Make sure the address and the person on the warrant are correct. If this information is incorrect, inform the police immediately.

And, never consent to the search, even if they have a warrant. Sometimes, police know they obtained a warrant through improper means, but the search can be legal if you give them consent. Do not do that.

No warrant

Remember, even if the police do not have a warrant, they may not need one. There are specific reasons why police can raid your home without one. If the police are raiding your home and do not have a warrant, do not try to stop them. Attempting to stop them can result in your arrest, injury or death. You can fight this later.

Remain silent

Just because they have a warrant does not mean the police can compel you to help or speak. Let them know that you are invoking your right to remain silent, get as much information as possible, contact your attorney, if possible, or ask for a Hackensack, New Jersey, attorney.