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New Jersey accident leaves 1 dead, several injured

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

An accident in a more rural part of New Jersey left one person dead and several people injured significantly enough to be taken to the hospital. Police say that the other victims are expected to survive. One of the occupants in the vehicles involved was a small child.

Police indicated that they still are investigating the accident and have asked members of the public who have any information about it to come forward.

Preliminary reports are that the driver of the vehicle which caused the accident crossed into the path of oncoming traffic and then hit a curb. This started a chain reaction in which the driver’s vehicle hit two cars, jumped another curb, and landed overturned near a shopping area.

The person driving the vehicle which caused the accident died at the scene of the crash. Police did not give any opinion on why the motorist crossed over into the other lane.

Those injured in this accident have legal claims available to them

The surviving victims of this accident may be able to claim compensation for their injuries.

The driver who seems to have been at fault for this accident sadly died in the collision. However, the survivors may still submit a claim against the person’s estate, and the woman presumably had automobile liability insurance.

In this respect, the fact that the woman may have not been speeding or distracted when she lost control of her vehicle does not excuse her carelessness. Drivers in New Jersey have an obligation to stay in their lanes and maintain control of their cars.

Additionally, New Jersey is what the law calls a strong no-fault state, which means the victims may be able to get some financial relief from their own insurance companies for expenses like medical bills and any lost income.

Getting compensation after a crash can be a complicated and stressful affair, even if it is clear that another driver is responsible. This is why many people choose to seek out professional legal assistance in order to obtain compensation.